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Global Team of 200 is a highly specialized group of members of Mom Bloggers for Social Good that concentrates on issues involving women and girls, children, world hunger and maternal health.

Our Motto: Individually we are all powerful. Together we can change the world. We believe in the power of collective action to help others and believe in ourselves to make this world a better place for our children and the world’s children.

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Sport in Action is providing “street kids” in Lusaka with the opportunity to get off the streets and participate in activities that will encourage self development, motivation and confidence. Plus, they all have access to the library, daily meals, and sports programs. (via McKinney Mommas: Giving Street Kids A Safe Place To Play)

President Obama and other world leaders, have begun to tackle this issue of nutrition (or lack of) effecting children’s academic potential and future and will be coming together at two global nutrition summits (known as the G8) this month to figure out how to resolve the issue. Save the Children’s report, titled Food For Thought also discusses how malnourished kids will likely earn 20% less in adulthood, which will only perpetuate problem. (via McKinney Mommas: Healthy Food For Kids = Higher Earning & Literacy #SaveTheChildren)


Celebrate World Water Day with Shiloh Kinne 


WaterAid is currently the leading charitable organization making strides towards solving the safe water and sanitation crisis across the globe. They’ve found some of the world’s poorest communities, that had to travel unheard of distances, just to get their daily water supply, and taught them how to dig and drill wells for clean water. (via McKinney Mommas: Today is World Water Day! #WorldWaterDay2013)

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I think we should strive to make International Women’s Day a bigger celebration here in the US, and specifically the DFW area. It’s important to take a moment to recognize the struggles that women locally, as well as around the world have made in their strides toward achieving equality in the workplace, politics and even at home. While strides have been made, the journey of equality for women is by no means complete. The facts are that surprisingly, women are still not earning equal levels of pay in the workplace, nor are they equally represented (in number) in the world of politics or business. Globally, women still struggle with less access to education, healthcare and continue to be victims of violence across the globe. (via McKinney Mommas: International Women’s Day in Dallas - March 8, 2013)

How many glasses of water did you drink today? Did you maybe leave one glass out overnight, and dump it this morning because it was “old?” Look around your house right now, and tell me how many un-finished glasses of water you have. There are at least two that I can see from my chair. (via McKinney Mommas - a blog for moms and dads in North Dallas and Collin County, Texas: Did Your Child Have a Glass of Water Today? WaterAid)

An anonymous donor has agreed to donate a meal to a child in need for each person who takes a short quiz on WFP (World Food Programme). Do your part and test your hunger IQ and help feed a hungry child today! (via McKinney Mommas - a blog for moms and dads in North Dallas and Collin County, Texas: Take a Quiz and Feed a Hungry Child)

Maybe you can ask your family, instead of traditional gifts this holiday, to give a gift of a Safe Birth Certificate to Maternity Worldwide this year on your behalf. (via McKinney Mommas - a blog for moms and dads in North Dallas and Collin County, Texas: No Mother Should Die In Childbirth - Support Maternity Worldwide)

#GivingTuesday is not a new thing.

It’s a call to action, encouraging everyone in America to partner with their neighbor and show that the holidays are not just for shopping and presents- rather it’s about joining hands with our community and supporting each other wherever it’s needed. 

(via McKinney Mommas - a blog for moms and dads in North Dallas and Collin County, Texas: Are You Ready for #GivingTuesday? November 27, 2012)

This event garnered such attention, rightfully so, that the UN representative Gordon Brown has declared November 10 “Malala Day” worldwide! He will be traveling to Pakistan to deliver a petition, to the president Asif Ali Zardari, signed by over a million people, requesting the discrimination of girls be made illegal! Did you know that when the Taliban was in power in Afganistan, that no women were allowed to be educated? It’s more important than ever for us to support women across the world in being able to have access to education, however we can. (via McKinney Mommas - a blog for moms in North Dallas and Collin County, Texas: Support Education For All Women - Nov 10 is #IAmMalala Day)

(via McKinney Mommas - a blog for moms in North Dallas and Collin County, Texas: Do Something Good - Trick or Treat For UNICEF)

believe that as we receive, we should also give.

I want to teach my children, especially around holidays that when they are receiving gifts or special attention, that we should 
think of how to help others who might not be as fortunate.

Around Thanksgiving time, a time of plenty in our home, I often would go serve at a homeless shelter or pass out sandwiches on the street.