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Global Team of 200 is a highly specialized group of members of Mom Bloggers for Social Good that concentrates on issues involving women and girls, children, world hunger and maternal health.

Our Motto: Individually we are all powerful. Together we can change the world. We believe in the power of collective action to help others and believe in ourselves to make this world a better place for our children and the world’s children.

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I find these words to be so incredibly powerful as it is indeed true. Mainstream media often doesn’t highlight the successes we have made in making the world a better place. Instead, they oftentimes focus on the bad and also don’t necessarily tell us the truth about what is really going on. For anyone with doubt that remarkable progress has been made and is continuing to be made around the world, then the Bill and Melinda Gates 2014 Letter is a for you. Bill and Melinda Gates eloquantly lay out the facts behind three major myths that are standing in the way of eliminating poverty. (via “Three Myths that Block Progress for the Poor”: The 2014 Gates Annual Letter | Thirdeyemom)

ver the past year, I have worked hard to build awareness and share the stories with my readers on some of the biggest social issues in the world. I have written about global health, poverty, education, safe water and sanitation, human rights, and most of all, how all of these issues have especially impacted women and girls in the developing world. (via UNICEF India’s #ENDViolence Campaign | Thirdeyemom)

Last week Save the Children released their 2013 National Report Card on Protecting Children in Disasters, a study showing where our nation is at when it comes to protecting children in times of emergencies. The report titled “Unaccounted For: A National Report Card on Protecting Children in Disasters” comes after a heartbreaking year of disasters and tragedies such as the elementary school massacre at Sandy Hook as well as the Hurricane Sandy and Oklahoma tornado. Unfortunately, the report clearly demonstrates that we have a long way to go in protecting our children against disaster. (via Save the Children’s “Get Ready. Get Safe”. | Thirdeyemom)

We all understand that education is critical to improving our lives and future. Yet tragically education is not an equal opportunity for millions of children around the world. Per Education Envoy, an estimated 61 million children are shut out of primary school, an astounding number.

(via END7: One group’s mission to fight 7 neglected tropical diseases | Thirdeyemom)

Per Cara Elizabeth Yar Khan, a Reporting Specialist for UNICEF Haiti, children with disabilities are the most marginalized, neglected people in the world often living a life of isolation, exclusion and denial of basic human rights. Oftentimes children with disabilities in developing world are treated like they are invisible and live a life of stigma, discrimination and suffering.  In cases of poverty, children with disabilities will often get the least amount of food, health care and educational opportunities, and will spend their lives hidden inside their homes. Unfortunately these children are often exploited and physically abused.

(via UNICEF: See the child before the disability | Thirdeyemom)

Last week WaterAid launched an exciting summer campaign to help provide proper sanitation and safe drinking water to Madagascar’s children. Over the next couple of months, WaterAid aims to reach 12,000 children in 31 schools by providing 150 taps and 100 toilets in Madagascar. What is so wonderful about this campaign is that all summer long you can follow the stories and updates of the children who will be impacted as well as the progress of the construction through the celebration on September 19th when the children return to school with taps and toilets for the very first time. (via WaterAid Providing Taps and Toilets for Madagascar’s children | Thirdeyemom)


Celebrate World Water Day with Nicole Melancon 


This Friday, March 22, is World Water Day – a day delegated by the United Nations to recognize the importance and need of safe water around the world. In honor of this important day, I am thrilled to be working with the Global Team of 200 and WaterAid to help raise awareness of the desperate need for safe drinking water and sanitation around the world. Safe water and sanitation transforms lives and is one of the keys to bringing people out of poverty. (via Coming together for World Water Day, Friday March 22 | Thirdeyemom)

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A year after that trip to Guatemala, my life has changed immensely. I have gone from a person who simply read the tragic stories about women around the world, to someone who is trying my absolute hardest to advocate for them and make change. My eyes have been opened to the struggles and challenges that so many women face daily around the world. The inequality, abuse, rape, honor killing, workload, lack of education, lack of access to health care and degrading status of girls and women in society, is utterly heartbreaking. I no longer can be that American women standing still and doing nothing. I’ve decided that I’ve got to act. It is a life-long journey that may not change the world. However, if I can help just help one girl or woman live a life of dignity and respect than it will be worth it. (via Being Half the Sky | Thirdeyemom)

One of my favorite organizations to work with is Save the Children. Save the Children is one of the leading organizations of helping children worldwide. Their vision is “a world in which every child attains the right to survival, protection, development and participation.” (via Help Save the Children: Petition for A National Commission on Children | Thirdeyemom)

Can you imagine living a life without access to clean water or sanitation? Something as basic yet critical as clean water and access to a toilet is a luxury that many people around the world in developing nations simply don’t have.