Global Team of 200

Global Team of 200 is a highly specialized group of members of Mom Bloggers for Social Good that concentrates on issues involving women and girls, children, world hunger and maternal health.

Our Motto: Individually we are all powerful. Together we can change the world. We believe in the power of collective action to help others and believe in ourselves to make this world a better place for our children and the world’s children.

This Valentine’s Day millions of people will receive candy, flowers, balloons, jewelry and more. Many singles and couples will go out for a romantic dinner or catch a movie. As they primp and prepare for their dates they’ll shower, shave their legs (hopefully just the ladies), and brush their teeth using clean, safe water. Most of them, myself included, do these ordinary things daily without giving much thought to having clean water. (via A Valentine’s Day Gift From the Heart: Clean Water)